Introduction To A Productive Musician

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Through my journey of trying to find productivity traits amongst musicians I read wikipedias, biographies and followed successful musicians on social media. I watched some, listened to some and even spoke to some. In this pursuit of all this I noticed there was a pattern of some sort and realised there was three common traits of a productive musician. These traits are as follows;

1. They complete projects

A productive musician’s output is very high where they are seen completing projects often. They don’t have projects sitting on hard drive for months and/or have a bad habit of constantly starting projects and not finishing them. Whilst it’s sometimes ok to start more projects than completing them, they’re still professional with their time and work on their projects consistently. They have a somewhat decent work/life balance with a steady work rate, chiselling away at tasks daily or weekly and as a result, they complete projects. 

2. They are organised in their own way

All musicians who are productive relied and depended on their organisation skills. A productive musician organises their time, finances and priorities in and out of music. On their computers they organise their music and non music projects. They organise their soundbanks, samples and recording so when they’re looking for something, they find them in no time. Some even organise their cables, guitar picks and drum sticks. Wether you organise using old fashion techniques of filing and storage or in a new tech era using apps, clouds storage etc, a productive musician is organised in their own way. 

3. They grow regularly 

I noticed productive musicians spend time growing their skills in music making, growing their live performing opportunities and marketing reach. They grew their knowledge and understanding of the business of music by keeping alert of the industry. A productive musician grows theirs networks and contacts with other musicians and industry people and also grows their social media followings and fan bases too. Regardless of what or how, a productive musician grows regularly. 

Surely there are many more traits that can be mentioned here, but as I previously stated, the ones that stood out for me were these three traits of a productive musician.

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